Seas, Rivers, and Waterfalls

Heavy rainfalls in Yakushima create many waterfalls and abundant rivers that flow from the mountains towards the ocean. The water is crystal clear. Must experience Yakushima’s world of water! There are many guides who specializes in Kayaking tours along the coast lines to where you can view the most magnificent waterfalls.


The sea around Yakushima is excellent and there are many ways to take full advantage of this wonderful place. Some of the activities include sea bathing, snorkeling, diving, surfing, sea kayaking, beach combing, fishing, and even the observation of rare sea turtles. It is recommended that you hire a specialized guide who knows every hot spot and intimately understands the sea in order to make your trip an unforgettable one!

Isso beach

Isso beach is the biggest beach in Yakushima with its quality of the water being the best in the islands of Kagoshima. It is an inlet and the waves are calm inside the gulf. There is also a popular diving spot in this neighborhood. If you wish to go diving, please contact local scuba diving guides for diving tours.

Harutahama beach

Harutahama beach is an artificial beach created around the Yakushima’s greatest coral reef that rest upon an upheaval shore. There are also tide pools where you can enjoy and watch tropical fish and sea creatures using snorkeling equipment.

Kurio beach

Kurio beach is surrounded by a dike that allows visitors to enjoy the water, which is relatively shallow for a good distance from the shore. The beach possesses white sand where you can enjoy sun bathing. Visit Tsukasaki tide pool, which is on the opposite side across from Kurio River. You can see many kinds of fish and the beautiful coral.


The activities for rivers include river kayaking, SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding), and river trekking. These are pleasurable activities in which you can become intimate with Yakushima’s nature. You will see beautiful indigenous rocks and crystal clear water close at hand. However, it is recommended that you participate in a guided tour as Yakushima can be dangerous.

Miyanoura river

Dragon Boat Race is carried out on the day of the summer festival. You can enjoy cherry blossoms along the river from March to April.

Anbo river

Anbo river is the most suitable place for river kayaking and SUP boarding due to the calm water and easy entrance of the river. You may ride on pleasure boats that slowly drifts along the river for about two hours. There, you can enjoy eating meals while watching beautiful scenery.

Kurio river

Located in the southwestern part of Yakushima, Kurio River’s transparent blue water is suitable for kayaking and snorkeling. Along with the clear and visible stream bed, the warm Kuroshio Current that flows into the river mouth makes it a desirable travel destination.


Large quantity of rain, approximately 10,000 mm, fall every year at the mountaintops. Valleys become a perfect place for some of the greatest creation of rivers, which turns into waterfalls that eventually returns to the sea. There are innumerable waterfalls that range from small to big ones that spread throughout Yakushima mountains, although many of them are difficult to reach as they are off trail or located in the deep wilderness. The following three waterfalls are relatively easy to access.

Ohko-no-taki waterfall

Among the waterfalls that are the most accessible, Ohko-no-taki is one of the largest waterfalls that has a 88 m drop. It has been selected as one of the 100 scenic waterfalls in Japan. You can feel the splash at the basin of the waterfall and immerse yourself with nature that will surely be reviving.

Senpiro-no-taki waterfall

Senpiro-no-taki is a powerful 60 m drop that falls down from a monolith granite (indigenous rock). In Japanese, Senpiro literally means “1000 fathoms.” It is said that the granite, which is located on the east side of a mountain slope, is as big as 1000 people holding hands in a line (approximately 250 x 300 meters in width). This location is also accessible by car.

Toroki-no-taki waterfall

Although the Toroki-no-taki drop is about 5 m, it is considered unique as it is directly connected to the sea. Please participate in a refreshing kayaking tour where you can observe the waterfall close at hand. The scenery of the waterfall against the background of Mt Mocchomu is surely to leave you an impression! It can also be viewed from an overlook, which is a 5 minute walk from the gift shop Pontan-kan in Mugio.