Welcome to Yakushima Marche!

Yakushima is a small mountainous island off the southern coast of the Kyushu island of Japan. Blessed by the natural environment, Yakushima possesses magnificent ancient trees, beautiful shorelines, and rivers and waterfalls. The island was registered as a World Natural Heritage Site in 1993.

Today, many domestic and international tourists make their way to see the famous Jomon-sugi cedar, which is estimated to be over 3000 years old, and also to hike through the moss-covered forests, which has been an inspiration for a scene in a famous animation film.

Although Yakushima's wonderful nature may be a strong point, there are equally inspirational aspects in the villages and lifestyles of the people who have coexisted with nature. Please don't miss out on these adventures that lurk every corner of Yakushima! The purpose of our website is to offer fresh viewpoints of this wonderful island and to help you make successful travel plans. Please enjoy.