Tourist Facilities

We provide several different facilities for visitors who wish to satisfy their curiosity of the secrets behind Yakushima’s Natural World Heritage site. Please do pay a visit to Yakushima Environmental Culture Village Center, which offers a comprehensive presentation about Yakushima that would surely be informative!

Yakushima Sea Turtle Hall (Nagata)

This facility studies the sea turtle habits and seeks to protect them. Photographs, slides and stuffed turtles are displayed.

Entrance fee: 300 yen per person (junior high or above), 100 yen per child (elementary school), and any age below preschoolers are free.
Closed: Tuesdays, December 25 to January 10.
Opening hours: 9:00 – 17:00
Phone: 0997-49-6550

Yakushima Environmental Culture Village Center (Miyanoura)

This is a visitor center that introduces the entire Yakushima in a clear and easy-to-understand format. You can learn the life of villagers, the island and nature through large pictures, relief maps, and various displays. The facility also provides a theater where you can experience the nature of Yakushima on a large screen. It also has a cafe and a resting area.

Film shows: 520 yen per adult, 360 yen per high school & collage student, 260 yen per junior high & elementary school student, and infants are free. There is a discount for groups more than 20.
Closed: The third Tuesday of every month, and period between December 28 to January 1.
※ Please take note that the visitor center will be open on the third Tuesday that falls on a national holiday, but will be closed on the following day.

Yakusugi Museum (Anbo)

Yakusugi museum introduces the history of Yakusugi cedar and its felling, and the relationship between Yakusugi cedar and the people. Yakusugi cedar felling, transformation of forestry, Yakushima’s natural environment and other topics are shown through displays of various felling tools, graphs, slide projection and scale models.

Entrance fee: 600 yen for adult, 400 yen for a high school and university student, 300 yen for an elementary and junior high school student. There is a 100 yen discount per person for groups more than 20.
Closed: First Tuesday every month, December 29 – January 1.
Opening hours: 9:00 – 17:00

Yakushima World Heritage Conservation Center (Anbo)

This museum provides information regarding Yakushima’s World Heritage. They also have a collection of sound gallery where you can enjoy listening to the world of Yakushima.

Entrance fee: Free
Closed: Every Saturday between December 1 – February 28.
Opening hours: 9:00 – 17:00


Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Learning Center (Anbo)

This is a training facility that offers various environmental learning programs that include seminars and outdoor excursions. The purpose is to learn the importance of relationship between people and nature by experiencing Yakushima at first hand.

Entrance fee: A tuition fee varies according to a program (Please contact them for more information).
※ Visiting the facility is free.
Closed: Mondays (except for special holidays), December 28 – January 1.
※ Please note that the facility will be open on Mondays that fall on a national holiday, but will be closed on the following day.
Opening hours: 9:00 – 17:00
Phone: 0997-46-2900

Yakushima Town History and Folk Art Museum (Miyanoura)

The museum introduces the history of people who have lived in Yakushima since Jomon era (2000 – 1000BC) and the felling of Yakusugi cedar. It provides an educational presentation of Yakushima’s history through the exhibition of displays such as farming tools, hiragi (roof tiles which was considered to be a valuable commodity), cedar crafts which are made of domaiboku (naturally toppled yakusugi from typhoons and landslides or Yakusugi stumps).

Entrance fee: 100 yen per adult, 50 yen per student (discount will apply for groups more than 20)
Closed: Mondays, Saturdays (after 1pm), December 28 – January 4.
Opening hours: 9:00 – 17:00