Access to Yakushima and Transportation in the Island

Air Route to Yakushima

You can take a direct flight leaving from Osaka Itami Airport or Fukuoka Airport to get to Yakushima Airport. Please take caution as there are one flight per day leaving form these locations. From all other airports, you must go to Kagoshima Airport and transfer to Japan Air Commuter to arrive at Yakushima Airport. Please make sure to give yourself enough time for connecting flights as there are only six flights per day leaving from Kagoshima. Japan Airlines Flights Information

International airline to Kagoshima Airport
The time required
Korea (from Seoul)One hour 35 minutesJL / KE
China (from Shanghai)One hour 35 minutesMU
Taiwan (from Taipei)One hour 50 minutesCI

From Kagoshima to Yakushima

One way fare

expensive price

moderate price
Airplane 35 minutes Lower than 16,000 yen
High Speed Ship
“Toppy” “Rocket”
From one hour 45 minutes
to Two hours 45 minutes
9,100 yen
Ferry Yakushima ver. 2 four hours 4,900 yen

Sea Route from Kagoshima to Yakushima

You can enjoy a sea route from Kagoshima to Yakushima by taking a hydrofoil or a ferry.

High-Speed Ships (Hydrofoils)

High-speed Ships, “Toppy” (a nickname for a flying fish) and “Rocket,” set sail from Kousoku-sen (high-speed ships) Terminal at Kagoshima Main Port to arrive at Miyanoura Port or Anbo Port in Yakushima. Its speed is approximately 80 km per hour and it takes 1 hour 45 minutes to arrive at Yakushima, but 2 hours 40 minutes if the ship makes a stop at Tanegashima island. High-Speed Ships Information

Getting to Kousoku-sen (high-speed ships) Terminal:
  • A bus bound for Kagoshima-city leaves from Kagoshima Airport every ten minutes. It takes about 52 minutes from Kagoshima Airport to Kousoku-sen Terminal. There are 15 buses per day.
  • The bus, “Dolphin 150,” departs from the east platform (#5) of Kagoshima Central Station to arrive at the Kousoku-sen Terminal. It takes about 20 minutes.
    ※ The boarding of hydrofoil begins one hour before its departure. In general, the boarding of passengers should be finished 20 minutes prior to its departure. Please allow yourself enough time to arrive at the terminal.

Taking the Ferry

Terminal map for high speed ships and ferry

The dock for the ferry named “Ferry Yakushima 2″ is located at the Ryokyaku Terminal, which takes about 10 minutes on foot from the Kousoku-sen Terminal. One ferry per day takes a round trip from Kagoshima to Yakushima.
It departs from the Ryokaku Termnial at 8:30 a.m. and arrives at the Miyanoura Port at 12:30. On the return, it leaves from the Miyanoura Port at 13:30 for Kagoshima. The travel time is approximately 4 hours each. A snack bar is provided in case you get hungry. Ferry Yakushima 2 Information
※ The transportation of vehicles must be reserved.

Transportation in the Island

Please choose a transportation method that best suits your travel plan. In general, travelling in Yakushima is very simple. A main road along the shore runs around the island which connects to all towns and villages. There are no subways or trains. You must take a bus for public transportation. Taxis and rental cars are also available.

Rental Car

Renting a car would make your travel easy and comfortable. There are rental car agencies at the airport, Miyanoura and Anbo Port. Most of them accept reservation by telephone or emails via their homepage. Most rental car agencies have various car models, but how about renting an electric car that is eco-friendly? Yakushima prides on having a low-carbon society. You can charge your electric car at any of the four EV stations provided on the island. In addition, renting a small economical car (engine displacement of 660 cc) is also recommended. These light cars carry up to four passengers. Since they are very popular, please make a reservation prior to busy holidays and seasons. Renal Car Agencies in Yakushima

※ An international driving permit is required for those who are from out of country. Visitors from France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, and Taiwan are permitted to drive as long as they carry a Japanese translation of their driver’s license from their home country. Application form for Japanese translation


Since the number of bus services is limited, it is important to check the bus schedule, bus routes, and the locations of bus stops carefully when travelling in Yakushima. If you decide to choose a bus as a method of transportation, you can purchase a discount bus pass provided by the Yakushima Traffic. Please take note that the discount bus pass does not apply to buses bound for Arakawa Tozanguchi. In addition, bus does not run on Seibu Rindo road (between Kurio village and Nagata village).
Bus Route Map

Riding the bus:
    1. You take a ticket from a machine when you get on the rear door of the bus. It will have a number written on the right side of your ticket.
    2. A fare is displayed under the number on the electric signboard in front of the bus.
    3. When a bus stop approaches, the name of the bus stop is announced.
    4. Push the button if you want to get off.
    5. When getting off the bus, you check the number on the ticket and pay the rate.
    6. If you do not have small change, you can break bills at the machine next to the driver.


    There are only limited number of taxis in Yakushima, which can only be obtained at taxi stands that are located at the airport, ports and taxi offices. Making a reservation by telephone is recommended.Taxi Companies in Yakushima

    • Taxis in Yakushima supports only cash.
    • The taxi has an automatic door. The driver opens and closes the door, so please do not pull the door handle or stand too close to the door. This applies when getting off, as the doors will be locked for safety measures.
    • Tips are not necessary. Please pay only the amount displayed on the rate meter.

    Renting a Motor Scooter

    You can rent a motor scooter if you have the necessary documents such as the international driving permit or the Japanese translation of your driver’s license from your home country. A motor scooter (50 cc) is recommended because it is convenient and its maneuverability allows you reach destinations easily. Please take caution when driving at night or during bad weathers.

    Renting a Bicycle

    Renting a bicycle is good to those who wish to enjoy the island in a healthy fashion. There are rental shops all over the island, so please rent them at anytime and enjoy bike riding. You can also drop them off at any rental shops.

    Transportation regarding Jomon-sugi Trail

    A regulation is carried out for the road to Arakawa Tozanguichi which runs about 4 km. Vehicles are restricted from passing through this section of road from March to the end of November. You must park any vehicle at the Yaksugi Museum and take the bus bound for “Arakawa-tozan-guchi (Arakawa Mountain Trail Entrance)” to reach the hiking course. Please note that bus tickets cannot be purchased at the Yaksugi Museum nor upon boarding the bus. Purchase them in advance at tourist information centers at Yakushima airport, Miyanoura, Anbo and some hotels.